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Globális stratégiai partnerség aláírási ceremóniája a Zoomlionnal

Idő: 2022-06-20 Találatok: 108


Hunan Overseas Home Information and Technology Co., Ltd is a platform dedicated to providing services for enterprises who are intended to develop overseas market by connecting mid-to-high-end talents and institutions and setting up overseas service stations. Based in 18 African countries and followed by 120,000+ mid-to-high-end overseas talents, Overseas Homes has become the bridge for 500+ African business institutions and served 2,000+ enterprises and organizations since its establishment in 2016. As the construction unit of the China-Africa Cooperation Service Center, one of the eight major mechanisms of economic and trade cooperation with Africa proposed by Hunan province, as well as the Changsha Office of the China- Africa Business Council, Overseas home has established s superior web of relationships worldwide. Affiliated to Overseas Homes, Hunan Hisoon Supply Chain Co., Ltd is committed to international production capacity cooperation, import and export trade and supply chain services based on the global market. It is mainly engaged in the export of construction machinery, special equipment for emergency rescue, new energy and wireless communication products, which are sold to more than 30 countries and regions all over the world.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd established in 1992, listed on the Shenzhen stock Exchange in October 2000, and listed on the H-share market in Hong Kong in 201. It is a leader in China’s construction machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, but also one of the first batch of innovative enterprise in the county. It mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of major high-tech equipment required for national key infrastructure construction projects such as construction engineering, energy engineering, and transportation engineering.

In the course of exchanges, Hisoon and Zoomlion have established a good cooperative relationship and a sold foundation for cooperation. With the development of cooperation increased, in order to give full play to the industrial advantages of both parties and promote the repaid development of after full deliberation and friendly negotiation, the parties agree to sign this partnership agreement based on the principle of voluntariness, equality, mutual benefits and trustworthiness.

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